Jayne Mitchell

County Supt. of Schools


Dawson County Courthouse

207 West Bell

Glendive, MT 59330

406-377-3963 (phone)

406-377-2022 (fax)




Dawson County School Districts:

Bloomfield Elementary

Deer Creek Elementary

Glendive Unified Elem. & H.S.

Lindsay Elementary

Richey Elem. & H.S.

County Superintendent of Schools

The County Superintendent of Schools provides general supervision of the schools in the county. 


 Duties of the office include:

  • Provide administrative duties for rural schools, including staff development, curriculum supervision, teacher evaluation, and attendance officer. 

  • Interpret and apply school laws.

  • Serve as hearings officer for school controversies.

  • Oversee school elections and administer oaths of office.

  • Register certificates of teachers and administrators.

  • Serve as reporting agency for Home Schools.

  • Serve as chairperson for the County Transportation Committee, which reviews individual transportation contracts, sets bus routes, certifies bus drivers, and monitors bus inspections.

  • Classify school districts and set school boundaries.

  • Review and approve all school budgets, compute revenues, and file budgets with Office of Public Instruction.

  • Set school levies.

  • Prepare, review, approve, and submit school reports to Office of Public Instruction.

  • Maintain records of official acts; preserve records, reports and documents; and provide information to school districts and the public.

  • Provide services to individuals and districts that fall within the scope of state statutes.

  • Spelling Bee director

  • Coordinate county schools' annual track meet

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