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Montana Department of Revenue

About Us:
The Department of Revenue was established in 1972 and has several major responsibilities.  The department administers more than 30 state taxes and fees, including income taxes, natural resource taxes, corporation taxes and miscellaneous taxes.  The department supervises the operation of the state liquor stores and agencies, and administers the laws governing the sale, taxation and licensing of alcoholic beverages.  In addition, the department establishes values for all taxable property, including agricultural land, residential real estate, commercial real estate, timberland, business equipment, railroads and airlines.

For more information concerning the Montana Department of Revenue, we invite you to visit our web site at:

                                   If you would prefer to speak to a Department of Revenue customer service
                                   representative, we encourage you to contact our Call Center at (406) 444-6900.

                                                             Local Contacts:
                                                             Michelle Mattick, Commercial Appraiser   mmattick@mt.gov
                                                             Amy Hoadus, Residential Appraiser         ahoadus@mt.gov
                                                             Karma Boehning, PVS                            kboehning@mt.gov
                                                             Glennis Osborn, Cartographer                  gosborn@mt.gov

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