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Notice of Passage and Public Hearing regarding proposed County Rural Special Improvement and Maintenance District

NOTICE OF PASSAGE OF RESOLUTION OF INTENTION RELATING TO CREATING a proposed COUNTY rural SPECIAL IMPROVEMENT and maintenance DISTRICT WHICH IS INTENDED TO INCLUDE   parcels IN DAWSON COUNTY AND in the City of Glendive ABUTTING the CITY LIMITS AND BENEFITING SUCH PROPERTIES, FOR THE PURPOSE OF refinancing dnrc loan number srf-18-414 which provided for the payment of a portion of the design and construction costs for wastewater improvements including collection pipes, a lift station, and related wastewater collection infrastructure, and providing for maintenance of such improvements,  FINANCING THE COSTS THEREOF AND INCIDENTAL COSTS THROUGH THE ISSUANCE OF rural SPECIAL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT BONDS SECURED BY a rural special improvement district lien. 

            NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on July 3, 2019, the Board of County Commissioners of Dawson County, Montana (the “County”), passed its Resolution No.2019-16 of the County’s Intention to Create Rural Improvement and Maintenance District No. RID 48 (the “District”) for the purpose of refinancing of Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (“DNRC”) State Revolving Fund Loan Number SRF-18-414 which provided for the construction of certain wastewater infrastructure improvements including collection and service lines, a lift station, and related wastewater collection and transportation infrastructure including but not limited to the area previously identified as the West Glendive Metropolitan Sanitary Sewer District (the “Improvements”), and paying costs incidental thereto, including costs associated with the annual maintenance of the above-mentioned wastewater infrastructure, and the sale and the security of a $1,963,000 rural improvement district bond of the County drawn on the District (the “Bond”), and the creation and administration of the District and the funding of a deposit to the reserve account for the District.
           A complete copy of Resolution No. 2019-17 is on file with the Dawson County Clerk and Recorder which more specifically describes the nature of the Improvements, the boundaries and the area included in the proposed District, the method of assessment and other matters pertaining thereto.

Link to Resolution No. 2019-16
Interlocal Agreement

Link to Resolution No 2019-17
Exhibit A
Exhibit B-including annual operations-Note these numbers are approximate and are subject to parcel changes that may take place prior to adoption.

            Dawson County, if the District is created, intends to issue the Bonds in an estimated aggregate principal amount of $1,963,000 in order to refinance the costs of the Improvements.  Principal of and interest on the Dawson County RID No. 48 Bond will be paid from special assessments levied against the property in the District in the estimated aggregate principal amount of $1,963,000.

Each parcel of benefited land in the proposed District will be assessed an equal share of the costs of the Improvements as authorized in Section 7-12-2151(1)(d), MCA. The estimated annual Improvement assessment for each parcel is $137.00 for 18 years, with a total estimated principal assessment per parcel of $1,889.32.  The estimated maintenance assessment for the first year is $67 per parcel and there will be an estimated increase in the maintenance assessment of 3% per year. The first semi-annual assessment collection will be due November 30, 2019. If an increase occurs in the number of benefited lots within the District during the term of the bonded indebtedness, then the assessment per lot will be recalculated pursuant to Section 7-12-2151(4), MCA.

            On August 6, 2019 at 5:30 p.m., 207 West Bell Street, Glendive Montana 59330, Montana, the Board of County Commissioners will proceed pass upon all written protests against the creation of the proposed Improvement District and Maintenance District and the proposed assessment method. 

            Protests against the creation of the proposed District or the method of assessment for refinancing of the Improvements must be in writing, must identify the property owned by the protestor,  and be signed by each owner of the property proposed to be assessed, except in the case of condominium owners whose method of protest is described in Section 7-12-2141, MCA.  Protests must be delivered to the County Clerk and Recorder at 207 West Bell Street, Glendive Montana 59330 not later than 5 p.m., M.T., on August 6, 2019.

            Further information regarding the proposed District or the Bonds or other matters in respect thereof may be obtained from Shirley Kreiman, Dawson County Clerk and Recorder, phone number (406) 377-3058, address 207 West Bell Street, Glendive, Montana 59330.  

Dated: July 3, 2019

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