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The Dawson County Health Department is requesting the assistance of community members in doing their due diligence in preventing the spread of norovirus circulating in our area.  Just because you have had Norovirus once, it does not provide you with immunity.  Within three weeks, you could get it again.

Norovirus symptoms include nausea, vomiting vomit - Copy  and diarrhea  poop

Preventative measures include:

  • Hand Hygiene – wash with soap and water NOT hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer does not destroy the norovirus.
  • Disinfect - contaminated surfaces including laundry with chlorine bleach.
  • Launder – contaminated bedding and laundry should be washed with hot water, detergent and bleach
    • Protect yourself by wearing gloves when handling soiled items.
  • Food Prep – do not prepare food for at least 48 to 72 hours after symptoms end.
  • Stay home – Do not return to work or school or childcare for at least 48 hours after symptoms resolve.

If symptoms persist or worsen, follow up with your healthcare provider. 

For more information click on the links below:

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